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BC Trifle Treat (less than 5% Maida)

₹ 1,450

Pure Dark Chocolate 70% Dark Fresh Cream Original Nutella Amul butter Whole Egg Castor Sugar Hot Fudge Topping Maida - Less Than 5%

Egg Less Blueberry & Oreo Crumble Gooey Brownie Bar

₹ 430

   1 Blueberry&Oreo Gooey Brownie Bar +blueberry compote.Sold !.It's all about that fresh fruity blueberry goodness infused with the famous Oreo cookie experience plus blueberry sauce to pour over.Loved by kids & all in family! A 200g Bar, delightfully serves 4

Gooey Brownie with Godiva® Dark & After 8® Mints Bar

₹ 800

The legendary GOD of chocolates from Belgium, Godiva Dark and the select After 8 Chocolate Mints infused with the world’s best Gooey Brownies. Choose this luxurious dessert for those influential evening parties when you want to impress even the most well-travelled guests!

Ferrero® Gold Gooey Brownies Bar

₹ 650

Crafted with the Italian original Rochers, a bite of this crunchy hazelnut, Nutella-loaded brownies is a glorious golden moment for yourself or for your next house party too! Pour over our Hot Fudge sauce to crown this gold treat!!

Gooey Brownie with Swiss Toblerone® & Lindt® Intense Orange Bar

₹ 750

Ah, sweet Toblerone! Silky Swiss perfection meets the luxurious Lindt Intense with hints of zesty orange. Tap to taste the joy of the Alps, right from the comfort of your couch.

Bestseller Nutella Gooey Brownie Bar

₹ 520

1 Nutella Gooey Brownie Bar +Hot Fudge Chocolate Sauce.Sold !. Have a Party in your Mouth with this 200g Bar, delightfully serves 4 Nutella fans!