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A Brownie cottage is born!

From my heart to yours

Itis said that opposites attract, and it could not have been truer in our case! Both of us had nothing in common with each others’ professions, but soon Raghav and I found our aspirations magically marrying themselves, once we married each other!

Together, like butter and sugar, we have lovingly baked Brownie Cottage. And now after a decade of sheer determination, coupled with our undying passion for quality, we have established Brownie Cottage as India’s only exclusively brownie brand - one serving more than 40,000 brownies every month!

Our team wakes up to a shared dream every morning - putting together fresh fine ingredients to make only the most authentic gooey brownies! This is who we are, without any artificial flavours & fresh each day, just like the brownies at Brownie Cottage.

With more love,

Prachi Agarwal Goel

Pastry Chef & Brand Director
Brownie cottage chef image

The Brownie Cottage team!

brownie cottage team

Our Butter and Sugar

Prachi Agarwal Goel

Prachi Agarwal Goel

Lovefor chocolates and for her man—is what brought a young girl from Allahabad to Mumbai, and learn craft baking and confectionery at Sophia’s in Breach Candy.

Prachi- is the heart, the soul and the Pastry Chef behind Brownie Cottage. She is passionate about baking, chocolates and the perfect intersection of these two culinary arts: THE BROWNIE!

A trained confectioner and chef, she learned the craft of baking from the esteemed Sophia Polytechnic- Mumbai, an experience she describes as both, intensive and comprehensive.

From there, she was selected for a specialized training program at the Bakery of the prestigious Oberoi Hotel, an ideal finishing school from where she acquired the passion for quality - above the rest - from the first ingredient down to the finished product.

As Prachi says, “The best time of my life! I learned like a hungry donkey there - early morning till late evenings. I think i never even saw the sunset once at Marine drive, walking back all the way to Walkeshwar! Whatever I could personally achieve at Brownie Cottage today is all i owe in reverence to the Oberoi, and the chefs and team I worked with there!”

Our bestselling and beloved gooey brownies, we serve today, are her own original creation, a recipe from scratch, no pre mix, no internet!

When in a reflective mood, she says, “I strongly feel, this pure recipe is GOD made, its HIS creation only --and im just the chosen one to spread its joy!”

Now a mother of two boys, her sons only inspire her to work more relentlessly to give this world the best brownies for the future generations!

A stickler for perfection, Prachi believes in baking by the hand, through the heart.

Raghav Goel

The live wire, the energy and the foot tapping chief salesman at Brownie Cottage - Raghav’s logical skills, and practical aptitude make him a natural entrepreneur.

A civil engineer by academic qualification, Raghav brings with him the never ending passion of making Brownie Cottage the pre-eminent brownie brand worldwide.

His only vision is to provide an authentic brownie experience to his customers, by understanding their needs, their favourites,and then providing delightful solutions for them!

Did we tell you that Raghav loves brownies?

Prachi Agarwal Goel

A Cottage built on Brownies & brownies alone!

that we love that we do

A Cottage built on Brownies and brownies alone!

It all started with our love,
And then with our love for brownies!

At Brownie Cottage we focus on perfecting the art of baking the authentic gooey brownie. Hence, no other confectionary items or bakes are made by us!

We’ve cemented our position as India’s only exclusively brownie brand, and it’s only our passion for serving fresh brownies every day that separates us from the rest and keeps us going! We Only Make Brownies.
That too, the best!

Our Journey








The story of this cottage starts with small batches of 16 brownies each being hand baked by Prachi in her Sunflame gas oven at her home kitchen in Lokhandwala. Once the brownies were baked, Raghav would diligently pack them sitting on the balcony floor till 4pm.

The dynamic duo would then get on their scooter to take the delicious and freshly baked gooey brownies to their Cottage Kiosk at Carter Road. By the time they would come back it used to be past midnight .

journey image


From Carter Road, Versova and then Breach Candy - our happy customers kept coming back for more! The incredible love and support shown helped us grow from Prachi’s home-setup to an independent commercial space at Oshiwara Industrial Centre.

“Soon, we hired a team to help us. Before that, we used to do everything ourselves, including opening and closing the shops”, remembers Raghav.

journey image


Our delicious brownies from our cosy wooden Cottage kiosks were made available at the best malls, food courts, and premium multiplex chains like Inox and PVR across Mumbai and other metro cities .

By 2010, Brownie Cottage Kiosks were popping up at over 8 cities across India, and our brownies were being flown fresh from Mumbai directly to these kiosks via Blue dart air couriers.

journey image


We entered the FMCG market with retail stores like Hypercity, Natures Basket & FOODHALL, a foray into an unheard of brownie category - one we built,we pioneered and now we own!

journey image


To the delight of moviegoers, we entered a tie-up with INOX, Cinepolis, PVR pan-India.

journey image


Today our fresh brownies are available at 24/7 convenience stores formats across Mumbai and Pune Over a decade later, our humble factory in Oshiwara, Mumbai bakes over 1500 brownies every day, and our passionate sales team distributes them fresh everyday at over 282 retail outlets across Mumbai.

‘PrachI’s values of baking by the hand through the heart has been a core constant through this over a decade-long journey of our baking fresh everyday, without any artificial flavours. The only thing that has changed with time and technology is the number of hearts we’ve touched and the number of hands that have helped us to reach all our loving customers.

journey image
 baking a dream

Baking a dream

To give this world the best brownies!

We believe we are here to make this world a more delightful place, by being a fresh bakery delight for kids and adults that is tastier, yummier and also healthier!

Brownies had always been a simple side dessert, never ingrained as birthday cakes or an evergreen family ice cream treat.

Step in, Brownie Cottage.

With our authentic gooey brownies, we are here to make a difference! By offering delightful yummy treats for kids and adults alike, without being completely unhealthy like other bakery treats full of maida, vegetable fat,palm fat and artificial flavours! Our offerings are created with the promise of only pure chocolate and love! What's more? Anyone can easily carry and enjoy fresh brownies anytime, unlike any other frozen dessert or ice cream!

Fun fact:

So we have already told you - Raghav loves brownies. Whenever he used to taste Prachi’s hand baked brownies, he would say this product has huge commercial potential and is worth exploring. At that time, he was working as a civil engineer at the Aamby Valley, Lonavala- not too happy in a job scenario and yearned to be an entrepreneur!

That’s when Prachi thought to herself , why not start a baking business—it will help me work on my passion and more so help him realise his entrepreneurial dream!

This is how the whole idea of starting Brownie Cottage got ingrained and we shifted with a bag and dreams to Mumbai in 2005!


There is no secret to our magic, our team simply bakes them hot and fresh every single day, without any deviation, only focused practice. But if we had to pick something, here are a few reasons why their holy yumminess remains uncontested across India and around the world!

Less than 5% maida

Our Each brownie is baked with less than 5% maida. This is totally the opposite of biscuits, bar cakes, muffins, doughnuts and other addictive bakery snacks which are completely based out of maida!

Less than 5% maida
Promise of Pure Dark Chocolate

Promise of Pure Dark Chocolate

Each brownie comes with a promise of only pure chocolate, no compounds, no cocoa powder. And what’s more, pure dark chocolate is a natural brain booster for children- so this makes Prachi all the mFore tenacious, towards only using them!

Rich Amul Butter

From absolute day one, even when started on a shoestring budget from Prachi’s home kitchen,, we have only and only baked with the goodness of India’s own Amul yellow butter, much unlike other bakery sweets made from inferior vegetable fats, trans fat and palm oil.

Rich Amul Butter
Rich Amul Butter

Only love

Baked with no artificial flavours, no preservatives - not even something as basic as a vanilla essence. Only love in each brownie baked! As Prachi jokes-- i don't know what preservatives look like! Maybe i'm too old - or too old fashioned!

Party in your mouth!

Tasty, yummy, and healthy, our brownies are pickable every now and then! As a child, teenager or even an adult, they are a delightful treat that will lift your mood in just the right way! Bite into any one and then you’ll know why we always say, its a party in your mouth!

Rich Amul Butter
Rich Amul Butter

Customer delight

Last but not the least, our delighted Customer keep coming back for more and more! These relationships are the foundation of our brand and perhaps that’s the most important reason that make our Brownies special!

Fun Fact

You will never spot a set of measuring spoons at our factory! Why? Because we don't use any baking soda, baking powder or even a basic vanilla essence in our brownie recipe.