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Revealing how to take photos beautiful and professional with camera phone

By: :Brownie Cottage 0 comments
Revealing how to take photos beautiful and professional with camera phone
Taking product photos with your phone is an art. In the first part of the article, I have shared about the types of phones that can be used to take pictures, the method of setting the background and techniques when taking photos of products with phones in low light. If you need to research it, read the article on Product photography techniques by phone.

Continuing part 2 of this article, we will explore the steps to be able to start product photography.

Taking product photos with your phone requires a reasonable layout

We are not professional photographers, so it is impossible to immediately select the correct composition the moment we pick up the phone. To choose the composition that highlights the product the most, keep in mind these four rules:

  • Choose where your product stands out
  • There are only 5 objects in a frame
  • Master the "Rule of the third golden ratio"
  • To have a satisfactory photo, you must pay attention to the principle of "Compositions Follow Creation"

“Rule of the Golden Ratio 1/3”: Each photo frame is cut out by two pairs of horizontal and vertical lines into 9 equally spaced parts. Most smartphones today integrate this feature.
Following this principle, you should place the subject at the intersection of 4 lines that will create more emphasis than centering the frame, although it increases the focus but does not impress the viewer.
Once you are familiar with the first three rules, whether or not you can get effective sales ads next, there is no need for your creativity.

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