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Ready To Celebrate Cake!

Mars On Top Mud Cake (1/2 kg)

Chewy | Caramel | Delectable

₹ 1,200

Pure Dark Chocolate Brownie base with Mars Bar nougaty goodness layered on top - An indulgence that will make you question if you are in heaven... or at a child's birthday?!

Baked fresh with less than 5% maida, only Pure Dark Chocolate, Amul Butter and original Mars - order this Mud Cake to serve an Dessert experience perfect for all chocolate fanatics/LOVERS.

we only make brownies

Pure Dark chocolate

we only make brownies

Amul butter

we only make brownies

whole Egg

we only make brownies

Castor Sugar

Fresh Cream

Mars Chocolate

we only make brownies

Maida - Less Than 5%

we only make brownies


Delightfully serves 8-16 people(FOR 1 KG).

we only make brownies


How can you say no to a chocolate mud cake with more chocolate on top? Well we're waiting. Luckily you don't have to answer that. Treat yourself to the nougaty goodness of Mars on Top Mudcake.

we only make brownies


Contains eggs and gluten.

we only make brownies

Storage Instructions

Best devoured within seconds of receiving, yet stays divine for 12 days! No refrigeration required.

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