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Pure Hot Fudge Brownie

₹ 240

Pure Dark chocolate Amul butter whole Egg Castor Sugar Hot Fudge Topping Maida - Less Than 5%

Bestseller Nutella Brownie

₹ 290

Simply the Bestseller !  

70% Dark Belgian Brownie

₹ 250

Pure Dark chocolate Fresh Cream Amul butter whole Egg Castor Sugar Maida - Less Than 5%

Eggless Oreo Hot Fudge Brownie

₹ 180

When hot fudges oozes into our warm brownies... who can resist? it is such a rich, chocolatey, and dense treat! Baked fresh with only pure dark chocolate, less than 5% maida, real Amul butter and a thick fudge topping, this Pure Hot Fudge is the ultimate chocolate lover's brownie! Np added preservation, no artificial flavours, only love!

Gooey Brownie with Twix® Caramel

₹ 280

When Britain’s crunchy and sweet caramel Twix bars meets our classic gooey Brownies -magic happens! Breakfast, Lunch, or late-night binging - this super fun brownie is a caramel treat for kids and adults always! Double the fun with the included Rich Caramel Sauce!!

Gooey Brownie with Swiss Toblerone® & Lindt® Intense Orange

₹ 290

Ah, sweet Toblerone! Silky Swiss perfection meets the luxurious Lindt Intense with hints of zesty orange. Tap to taste the joy of the Alps, right from the comfort of your couch.

Creamy Biscoff® Gooey Brownies

₹ 280

Trending & Hot on the Block! Belgium’s Speculoos Biscoff Cookies infused into freshly baked snackable Gooey Brownies. Savour it in best company with hot coffee, chai or just you! An instant classic with the included Rich Caramel Sauce.

Epic Chocolate Gooey Brownie

₹ 150

An Authentic gooey brownie with Hot Fudge Sauce to pour over! All hearts for our original brownie! Its a 70g square - delightfully Serves 1 brownie fan!

Eggless Crunchy Nut Fudge Gooey Brownie

₹ 200

The top layer of hot fudge pairs perfectly with the gooey chocolatey base plus the Hot fudge Chocolate Sauce to pour over!. Just take a bite to make those boring lunch breaks a little special with crunchy cashewnuts! Its a 80g square - delightfully Serves 1

Egg Less Blueberry & Oreo Crumble Gooey Brownie

₹ 200

Which kid doesnt scream for Oreo Cookies & Blueberry plus the moist Blueberry Sauce to pour over! ? A delightful pick to end the day with or for treating your child after a long day of school! Its a 80g square - delightfully Serves 1 blueberry lover!

Malted Chocalate Chunks Gooey Brownie

₹ 220

Delicious fix with Netflix with Hot Fudge Sauce to pour over!. Rich Malt & Pure Chocolate Chips is infused together while baking this midnight dream. Its a 80g square - delightfully Serves 1

Caramel Craving Gooey Brownie

₹ 200

Infused with real 5star caramel chocolate bar & Hot Fudge Sauce to pour over! So when you are remembering your childhood - just tap to order those memories home! Its a 80g square - delightfully Serves 1

Gluten Free Absolute Chocolate Gooey Brownie

₹ 250

For all those on an absolute gluten free diet - its certified Healthy Yumminess! .Infused with juicy Red Cranberries & Hot Fudge Sauce to pour over, a feeling of warm self love! A 80g square - delightfully Serves 1

New York Style Blueberry Cream Cheese Gooey Brownie

₹ 320

Cream cheese & blueberry are an unforgettable New York feeling especially when teamed with the world's best gooey brownie & garnished with a Biscoff pie like finishing. Serve chilled with Blueberry sauce for your evening parties and watch your guests be amazed by its luscious flavour and melt in mouth texture. A 80g square - delightfully Serves 1

Pure Hot Fudge Gooey Brownie

₹ 220

When hot fudge oozes into warm brownies,who can resist ? & extra Hot Fudge Sauce to pour over!.?An after dinner delight,when you want to treat yourself with something sweet & nutty after a meal.Its a 80g square - delightfully Serves 1